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Real Estate

The real estate business is the occupation of purchasing, selling, or renting real estate (land, premises, or housing). It is ordinary for a middleman to offer committed sales and marketing aid to real estate owners in exchange for a commission. Real estate is a highly extensible business, and many people have made a fortune from it.

Problem with Real Estate Business-

However, it is important to avoid mistakes, especially common ones, such as financial mistakes, to repair. Real estate businesses can suffer from misinformation such as poor financial records, mixing of personal and business transactions, misclassification or misrepresentation of employee information and expenses, etc.

To learn more about the challenges, we should also take a look at common mistakes in saving business documents like-

  • Connect personal and business accounts.
  • Doing business through personal accounts.
  • Improper expenditure planning.
  • Inadequate database.
  • Save money by increasing your cash flow.

Our Assistance

We at, Lekhakar offer the ultimate solution for giving sophisticated assurance, tax, and financial advisory services with our highly skilled, and well-qualified people to provide the ultimate solution for your real estate sector. Our services include:

  • Analysis and due diligence of the proposed transaction.
  • Assurance services.
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping.
  • Business and real estate appraisals.
  • Purchase/Sell Agreement.
  • Preparation of cash flow and operating budget.
  • Deal Structuring.
  • Evaluation of accounting and budgeting systems.
  • Financial Planning and Asset Protection Structure.
  • Financing Techniques.
  • Real estate software implementation.
  • Organizational Structure.
  • Project Cost Audit.
  • Tax Compliance and Consulting.


Lekhakar is a Certified accounting firm, dedicated to serving the people and businesses, established in 2022 by Saurabh Bansal & Ankit Khadria with the zeal to provide best consultancy and competencies. Our Firm incorporate the expertise of a leading regional firm with the convenience, friendliness, and passion of a local provider.

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