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Tally ERP Accounting

Are you looking for reliable software to manage your business transactions? Tally Prime is here to help you out! It comes with an edit log feature that keeps track of all the changes made to your transactions, giving you complete control over your business.

Benefits of Tally Prime feature

Tally Prime's transaction tracking system is made to assist you in keeping track of all changes made to your transactions, along with the date and the time of each change. With the help of this feature, you can easily track the user who started the change and even track deleted transactions. Not only transactions, you can also track alternates made to your logbooks, log files, and item master. What's next? You can quickly compare the traffic received from the reports and review the improvement elements by comparing quickly with a previous version.

Tally Prime's edit log feature

Tally Prime's edit log feature is like an audit trail that traces and timestamps all activities for every transaction entered in Tally Prime. It covers all actions right from making, editing, or deleting records. This feature assists the auditors/business owners in tracing all activities related to the transaction in question and authorizes them to construct a clear picture to control the impact.

Audit trail another advantage is that it offers the details that assist you in constructing the complete picture and, therefore, assist you in reviewing the impact of the changes or modifications. Tally Prime’s edit log feature allows you to quickly compare the previous version and know what all the elements users have altered.

All the reports, like daybooks, voucher registers, etc., are magnified with an option to filter and sort the edited and deleted transactions quickly. This assists you in searching all the edited or deleted transactions without any problem.

Tally Accounting

Tally Prime accounting is an advanced tool that enables businesses to effectively manage their accounting entities, inventory movements, and financial and banking transactions. With its real-time reporting feature, businesses can keep track of all their financial activities with utmost accuracy. Tally Prime accounting provides various options to manage banking transactions and reconciliation, business projections, multiple currency handling, interest on outstanding, and account verification.

How LEKHAKAR helps in Tally Accounting

  • LEKHAKAR categorizes transactions as accounting or inventory based on the type of accounting entries and the accounts they affect.
  • Its Accounts Payable Unit at Tally Prime includes charts of accounts, journal entries, contra vouchers, and other vouchers used for checking the impact of ordinary transactions that do not directly affect your account.
  • LEKHAKAR also provides a huge range of other characteristics of tally prime accounting, involving accounting and financial reports, banking utilities, options to manage finances, a facility to control the use of different currencies in your business, calculation of interest for the receivables, and options to review the accuracy of accounting entries.
  • Even the Statistics report is an important feature that also displays the summary of the types of accounts and vouchers in your accounts.

These are all the services that are provided by us.

What can be managed by tally accounting

With Tally accounting, businesses can effectively manage their daily operations. Tally Prime provides different voucher types like sales, purchases, receipts, payments, and more, to record any type of transaction. Contra vouchers are used for money transfers between different accounts in the business, memorandum vouchers for expenses with currently unknown purposes, journals for checking the impact of transactions before they are affected, and so on.

Moreover, businesses can use optional vouchers when they are not certain about the finalization of a transaction. They can also record a voucher with a future date for a transaction that is planned to happen in the future, by marking the voucher as Post-Dated.

The Voucher Class feature is an added advantage that enables businesses to pre-configure ledger selections, making voucher entry faster and less error-prone.

Controlling the audit trail in TallyPrime

Controlling the audit trail in TallyPrime is so easy that you are not required to do anything to control it. All you need to do is just download and install TallyPrime and load your company data. That’s it. Any edits or alterations will be captured automatically and traced from the logs. If you need to create an edit log for internal motives or view logs infrequently, you can easily permit the edit log feature in the company modification screen.


In conclusion, TallyPrime's edit log feature is an excellent tool for businesses looking to maintain a record of all the changes made to their transactions. It provides complete transparency and control over your business, making it easier to analyze the impact of the changes made to your transactions.


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