Busy Accounting Services

Busy Accounting Software: Streamlining Your Business Operations

Busy Accounting software is a thorough, unified billing and accounting software that is created to serve the needs of micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises. It is a strong, user-friendly, and flexible software that can be tailored to your business accounting needs. This Software is accessible on Desktop, Cloud, and Mobile Apps, offering you the flexibility to reach your data from anywhere, anytime.

What Can Be Managed by Busy Accounting Software

Busy Accounting software offers a scope of characteristics that assist you in administering your business operations efficiently. Another key characteristic of BUSY is its GST management capabilities. BUSY supervises all your GST compliance requirements with characteristics such as GST invoicing, GST filing, and return, Auto e-way bill and e-invoices, GST reconciliation, and GSTIN verification, among others.

BUSY also makes financial accounting simple and hassle-free. It provides an array of features that help you streamline your accounting processes and accelerate comprehensive income and expenses reports. BUSY's financial accounting features include a complete book of accounting, detailed reporting analysis, bank reconciliation, sales and purchase analysis, and much more.

BUSY's advanced inventory management capabilities provide full control and proper visibility of your inventory, allowing you to complete tasks like ordering, creating quotations, challans, and invoicing simultaneously. BUSY enables you to manage inventory across different locations and godowns based on size, color, manufacturing date, batch, expiry date, and other multiple parameters.

BUSY Mobile Application is another great feature that allows you to access sales, stocks, purchases, cash/bank, receivables, and payables data anywhere, anytime, even when the BUSY Desktop is shut down. This application allows you to access 100+ reports and create and share receipts, orders, invoices, and quotations with ease.

BUSY Accounting software also offers operations management features that eliminate the need for multiple disconnected tools. BUSY enables you to manage business operations such as multi-branch management, payroll, customer service, discount scheme management, production, and job work with ease.

How LEKHAKAR Can Help with Busy Accounting Software

LEKHAKAR, an accounting firm, helps you simplify your financial accounting tasks with the help of BUSY Accounting software.

  • Through BUSY we streamline your accounting processes and empowers you to make informed decisions for future business success. With BUSY, you can access final accounts, trial balances, ledgers, tax reports, inventory reports, and more.
  • By this, we offer a quick overview of your total receivables, sales, top expenses, and more. You can generate detailed reports on sales, purchases, and returns, allowing you to track items by brokers. Segment these reports by item, party, or group for in-depth analysis.
  • With BUSY, we can easily reconcile your accounts and fetch transactions securely.
  • With the help of BUSY, we seamlessly integrate with your banks and saves time. BUSY's Bank Account module automatically reconciles variances between entries in your bank statements and provides you with cleared or uncleared transactions. BUSY's banking dashboard helps you optimize your financial management by providing accurate cash flow predictions, identifying discrepancies, and reviewing past reconciliations.
  • We enable you to cross-check entries, reconcile differences, and avoid duplication of effort. Because it provides valuable insights for informed decision-making and ensures data accuracy, providing a comprehensive overview of your financial health.
  • Through it, we facilitate you to make branded invoices effortlessly. You can tailor templates with your logo and fonts, speed up payments with reliable GST invoices, validate GSTIN, involve correct HSN/SAC Codes, and facilitate digital signatures. Because it facilitates you to track payments and send reminders for prompt settlements.
  • Finally, we enable you to maintain accounts of your company in more than one currency. You can manage import and export transactions seamlessly by using the multi-currency feature for parties with whom you have foreign currency transactions.


At LEKHAKAR, We specialize in providing a full spectrum of Accounts Outsourcing Services, combining expertise, technology, and a client-centric approach to deliver unparalleled financial solutions with expertise of Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Advocates and Financial Advisors. Our commitment is to empower your organization with accurate, timely, and insightful financial information, allowing you to make informed decisions and drive sustainable growth.

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