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LEKHAKAR is a Certified accounting firm, dedicated to serving the people and businesses, established in 2021, with the zeal to provide best consultancy and competencies.

Our Mission

Love what you work for and work for what you love." At LEKHAKAR, we are passionate about what we work for. We believe in nurturing passion through a culture which encourages and supports professional and personal development, always in pursuit of work/life balance and satisfaction

Our Value

LEKHAKAR has firmly established a reputation for quality work and commitment to executing the missions of our clients.Our success is heavily dependent on outside factors such as increased consumer spending, strong job growth, and an expanding economy.

Problem with MSME

Time shortage

Misrepresentation of a/c

Slow growth

Facing tax litigation

Huge Employee turnover

Weak financials

Lack of proficiency

Mismatch accounts

Huge complaints

Lack of compliance

Imbalanced taxes

Recording time lapse

Solutions with us

To encounter the expectations of our clients by becoming the most respected professional firm by fulfilling them with the highest qualitative services.

Avoid Tax disputes

Avoid confusions

Avoid conflicts

Feasibile Employee turnover

Resolve complaints

Reliable compliance

Cost effective

Best Tax planning

Timely recording

Back office support

What We Provide


At LEKHAKAR, We specialize in providing a full spectrum of Accounts Outsourcing Services, combining expertise, technology, and a client-centric approach to deliver unparalleled financial solutions with expertise of Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Advocates and Financial Advisors. Our commitment is to empower your organization with accurate, timely, and insightful financial information, allowing you to make informed decisions and drive sustainable growth.

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Our Clients

Here, We will discuss some questions about Business Accounting Services in Delhi/NCR-

Establishing a business is difficult and can be accomplished quickly if management focuses on the core business and outsource bookkeeping to a company with a certified accountant who understands the methods and latest information.

It may be better, in terms of time and money, to outsource the bookkeeping to a professional.

Simple bookkeeping takes at least 3-5 hours a day if done by our experts. This may be a better time to manage the business operations.

Hiring an in-house accountant to perform bookkeeping, tax compliance, and payroll services may

cost more than the cost of an in-house professional. The in-house professional can do the same

job. The company will also have contractual obligations to ensure continuity of service regardless of

the change in ownership.

Say goodbye to tedious spreadsheets for candidate hiring and staff management, attendance, and payroll. Easily manage your employees and their salaries on Lekhakar with just a few clicks!

Reduce costs, improve processes and be competitive. We provide customized solutions. We provide you with solutions for processing account payable procedures, cash flows, end of month/end of the year, and administration reporting.

You simply send your business details (sales and purchase bills and other legal documents) along with your contact details. We will contact you shortly and provide to you the best pricing plan for your business.

We have GST Consultants and GST practitioners with Qualified CAs and accountants. Firms are highly knowledgeable and understand your requirements as per the provisions established by the government to offer the best GST consulting experience for any business. 

  • Full time Accountant.
  • Part Time Accountant.
  • Virtual Accountant.

The candidate must have finished a Graduate degree and people who have 0 to 30 years are eligible to apply for this job.  

With us, recruiters can sign up, and also connect with lakhs of pre-screened and qualified candidates who are available to hire. Plus, our trusted ATS keeps all your data organized, making your recruitment easy!

These accounts outsourcing firm in delhi ncr offer various services that can help businesses improve their payment systems, minimize errors, and increase profitability. These services include invoice processing, sales management, payroll processing, expense reporting, and financial reporting.

Outsourcing accounts payable can benefit businesses in many ways. It can help reduce operational costs, improve accuracy, and allow companies to focus on their core competencies. By outsourcing, businesses can have experts handle AP tasks efficiently, ensuring timely payments, better vendor relationships, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Yes, accounts receivable can be outsourced. By outsourcing accounts receivable, businesses can benefit from expertise in invoicing, collections, cash application, and customer relationship management. This can help optimize cash flow and reduce the number of days sales outstanding.

Yes, accounts payable can be motorized. Accounts payable automation includes using software to smooth invoice processing, approval workflows, and payment scheduling. This can decrease the requirement for manual data entry, minimize errors, and shorten processing times, improving effectiveness.

Automating accounts receivable can greatly advantageous businesses by increasing cash flow, decreasing payment delays, and enhancing customer relationships. Automation can take care of tasks like invoicing, payment reminders, and reconciliation, ensuring faster and more reliable collections.

Budgeting is the most crucial step in a startup accounting process. It will help you plan your cash flows and achieve your goals. It creates accountability and a check on the work of an accountant for a startup company. Lekhakar will help you to meet your expectations and 60% of businesses will always build a budget to keep a check on their financial health. You can also check the number of employees you are hiring and report to each department on how much they can spend.

Accounts are important for startups because they help to predict the future of the owner, the preparation of the budget based on past income, and the management of salaries and taxes, etc.

Beginners must keep records of income and keep up with the main activities of the business, including records of products and purchases and sales of goods and services and property and expenses of the business during one.

Business Accounting Services

In operating your business, you must direct all the energy, you can focus on your needs: improving your products/services and expanding your business through sales.

But in any business, there are important areas such as financial management, which require qualified, well-educated, and special skills to manage, and you may need to be better-versed in these areas.

Each business has different financial needs, from analyzing financial statements to payment software negotiations. At Lekhakar, we provide professional financial Accounting Services in Delhi NCR to meet the needs of each of our clients. This well-managed company provides timely financial information, value, and reliability in providing professional and personalized information.

We Provide a Qualified accounting team for you. We are located in Delhi NCR with our best accounting services. We offer affordable accounting services in Delhi NCR and provide a virtual accounting team per the firm's specific needs. We try to offer affordable accounting solutions in Delhi NCR that are easily accessible from anywhere in the world Because as an affordable accounting solutions in Delhi NCR, we have to provide the best accounting services to our clients. Generally, we handle Virtual CFO Services in india, Auditing services, data analysis, budget preparation, legal accounting services, etc. Accountants are professionals trained to provide specialized financial services to businesses and individuals.

Our financial professionals focus on building relationships with companies of any size in various industries. We work with clients to design and monitor accounting systems to provide relevant financial information and analysis to help clients and their employees make informed decisions and manage their organizations successfully.

Our Major Services-

  • Establishment and Development of Accounting Systems
  • Auditing & Verification
  • Budget Preparation
  • Income Statement
  • External control
  • Depreciation of Long-Term Assets
  • Compilation and Review of Financial Statements
  • Data Analysis
  • On-Site Accounting Assistant
  • Payroll Services
  • Preparation of Plans & Overview
  • QuickBooks Consulting
  • Tax Accounting
  • Management Accounting
  • Cost Accounting
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Internal Audit
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivables
  • Accounting Audit
  • Financial Advisory