A confidential (Privacy) system is a legal document that sets out all the ways in which a party collects, uses, discloses and maintains customer information and protects customer personal information. This privacy policy governs the use or disclosure of information about users of LEKHAKAR. This privacy policy applies to the website and all products and services offered by LEKHAKAR.


a) This is an electronic record in accordance with the IT Act 2000 and all applicable laws.Changes to various sections of electronic records legislation as amended by the Information Technology Act 2000. This document does not require a physical or technical signature as it is computer generated.

b) This document has been published in accordance with the provisions of Part 3 (1) of the IT Regulation 2011. Therefore, it requires the publication of the LEKHAKAR Council policies and instructions, the privacy policy and the terms of use.

c) The LEKHAKAR website is owned and operated by LEKHAKAR firm and is located at noida Delhi, where applicable, unless otherwise dissatisfied with the stories, including their representatives, officers, employees, directors, officers, agents, and their agents and offices.

d) For the purposes of this Privacy Policy ("Policy"), whenever the background is required,

  • Here, terms such as "You" and "User" are used for any legal person or entity that uses or manages the services provided on this website, are eligible to enter into registered contracts in accordance with the provisions of the contract law. of India, 1872.
  • The terms "we", "our" and "us" mean the site and / or business, as the description requires.
  • The terms "Party" and "Group" are used to describe the user and the company individually and collectively, as required by the account.

e) Nominations have been provided for each section of this Policy. It is simply a matter of keeping the various provisions of this Policy in order. The party may not use it to interpret the terms in any way. In addition, the parties expressly agree that there will be no tax or legal contract.

f) The User may use the Site governed by this Policy, in addition to the Conditions of Use of the Site, and any changes or modifications made by the Company from time to time, in its own organization. If the User visits the main page of the Website and / or uses any of the services provided on the Website, this User accepts this Policy and the Conditions in full. The user understands and agrees that all the Terms and Conditions apply, and that one terminates the other.

g) It's definite that the user accepts the terms and conditions applicable to the company and the company must adhere to the rules, guidelines, policies, procedures, and conditions applicable to the services provided, once the website has been accessed, relevant. Make a difference and be part of this situation. You agree and agree that no signature or solution is required to inform customers of the Terms and Conditions. According to the user rules, the user can access any part of the website and receive the Code.

h) All members accept the right to change any of the above policies and conditions without prior notice to users of the company / website. Users can make changes or adjustments immediately. It is up to the user to inform him of all policies and procedures. If the user continues to use the website after such changes, the user will be deemed to have accepted any changes to the terms and conditions. As long as the administrator follows these terms and conditions, you have personal, anonymous, reliable and limited access, as well as access and use of the website.

2.Collect personal details and more

a) Username, password, email address, name, address, age, date of birth, gender, nationality, purchase request, search history, etc. provided by the User from time to time on the website, but also images. or other information uploaded/published by users on the website. The Website / Company uses the information provided by the User to provide the Service. It adapts to user needs. This information is used by the site/company to improve the portal to make it more secure and easy to use.

b) Personal information about users is automatically monitored by the Company/Website, such as the user's IP address and the user's behavior on the website. This information can be used by the Company / Website to investigate users, interests and behavior, to better understand the Company / Website. The user acknowledges that this information includes the URL that the user visited before entering the website, the URL that the user then visited (whether this URL is part of the website or not), the user's computer and website information, IP Address, etc.

c) If a user decides to purchase any product or service from the Company / Companies, the User authorizes the Website / Company Websites to collect the user’s personal information.

d) The User is aware that any information provided by the User or messages / reviews / comments on any element of the website may be used by the company / website to assist the User in any way in the future. This confidential information may be used to resolve disputes, assist clients, resolve issues of others, and may provide this information, upon request, to legal or public authorities. Controls requested or used by the Company / Website as permitted by law.

e) All personal or other information, emails or letters or responses from other users or parties related to the User’s activity or published on the website will be collected or collected by the company and collected in a file or files for company / website. The user knows all of this information.

f) The User may browse a Website without providing any information on the Website / Company but for certain functions and features, the User must provide personal information for registration as an issue of an order. The User is aware that the information provided by the Company / Website may be used to select the offers and promotions of the User at least based on the order and prior preferences of the User, and the User thereof will be glad to find it.

g) There are several online searches to choose from and the Company / Web may ask the user to perform these searches. Sometimes these surveys may require the user to provide their contact information and personal information (such as zip code, age, income group, gender, etc.). This information is used to classify the website for the benefit of the user and to provide products/services / content to all users of the website used by the company/website in the belief that they may enjoy using it, and to provide content in accordance with what the user wants, the user knows all these things.

h) The Company / Website may solicit or require users to provide reviews for products / services purchased / used by users from the Website. Users know that these reviews can help other website users make their purchases carefully and accurately and also help the Company / Website eliminate unwanted customers. All and any reviews written by the User of the Website, including the User’s Name and other contact information, for the benefit and use of other Users of the Website.

i) Information such as articles / reviews / comments provided by Users to the Company / Website may not be stored, posted, published or displayed in any way. The User authorizes the Website / Company to remove content, reviews, reviews or comments from the Website posted by the User, without cause or need to notify a User.


a) Cookies are information stored on the hard drive of a Website so that it can be remembered about the user later. The User acknowledges that these cookies are stored by the Website / Company for later use if necessary and that these cookies are valid for authorization. The browser remembers personal information about the user, including but not limited to identifying the user’s signature, password, and so on. The website installs persistent and persistent cookies on the user’s hard disk and browser and the user is aware of these and is clearly displayed.

b) Some website pages have multiple data collection tools such as cookies. These tools help analyze website pages, measure effectiveness and improve reliability and security. This feature is only used for the use of cookies. Users know all this. While a user is free to reject cookies on a website with the permission of a browser, the user may not be able to access certain parts of that website.

c) In addition, the User indicates that he may install other data collection tools such as cookies on certain sites published by other parties or links on the Website. The User acknowledges and does not accept any responsibility for the Website / Company because he has no control over the use of these cookies / other devices by other parties and does not use them by the User.

4.Communicate personal information

a) The website/company may share personal information with users to detect and prevent identity theft, fraud, and other criminal activities. This information can be shared with organizations and partners to help; networks or social networks to prevent disruption of online services; and enable cooperative or cooperative services, if the services are provided by more than one corporate body. Users know this.

b) The website / company reserves the right to disclose personal information to employees in accordance with the law, if the website / company considers this in response to a request, court or otherwise. . This information may be disclosed to employees, interested persons or other parties. Respond to warnings, information or other materials that violate the rights of others; or protect the rights, property or safety of customers or individuals.

c) If the company / website is affiliated with the company / website or company, affiliated or co-owned, it may change from time to time.


All transactions on the internet are safe and secure. No information was displayed during the online business because it was designed to prevent users from opening other unauthorized access. No information relating to using credit and debit card information obtained by the company / Website may be obtained, stored, or stored in any way. This information is sent immediately from the user to the payment gateway, which allows the processing of the information provided and is based on the general rules and requirements of the bank and company and the license fee, or related to it.

6.Advertising / Other Promotions

Other advertisers provide advertising services to other web users. These companies may use the information to communicate with visitors to other websites and websites to provide the advertiser. The Web site may link to other websites and may collect personal information about a user. The Company / Website is not responsible for the privacy or the content of any linked website. The employee believes that the employee is exposed to the risks associated with it.

7.Advertising / Other Promotions

By using the Website and/or providing Company information through the Website, User acknowledges that the collection and use of information held by User on the Website are based on these forecasts, including but not limited to User and company consent/Sharing information online / Distribution to users, according to the instructions in article 4 of the prophecy.

8.Disputes/communications Resolution and Jurisdiction

Disputes/communications regarding the preparation, translation and use of this document will be resolved in two ways: Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Now the party confirms/agrees. Some also agree that this agreement may be optional or subject to terms and/or conditions.

a)Meditation-When there is a dispute between the parties, the parties will try to resolve the dispute, as both parties will last two years. If the parties are unable to resolve the dispute separately within 30 days after the other party resolves the dispute, the dispute must be resolved in court as indicated.

b)Arbitration- When a party is unable to resolve a dispute during the campaign, the elected party must make a decision. The judge’s decision is final and binding on all parties. Guests pay for the program, although only the director can order one of the parties to pay the full price of the ad if they want. The test was held in English, Delhi, India.

Laws, regulations, and other settlements among the Parties shall be governed by and made in accordance with the rules, regulations, and management provisions of India. The courts in Delhi should have separate jurisdiction and there should be no dispute between the parties.

If you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy, please email us at info@lekhakar.in


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