Payroll Services

Every business has distinctive payroll challenges, and we offer a cost-effective payroll service tailored to your needs. Our payment professionals are constantly updated by the ever-changing payment tax policy and the required information. We have the expertise to organize rewards and report for companies of any size in the country.

1.Payroll Clearing

Direct Deposit, Payroll Taxes, & Retaining

We provide complete payroll processing, involving the direct deposit of employee checks, all payroll taxes payments, and withholding. Our team also provides monthly and quarterly payroll tax reporting for employers who bring to make ready their own payoffs.

2.Internet Client-

Remote Payroll Procedures-

  • We provide remote payroll processing for our clients by Internet Client.
  • Net Client permits you to obtain our services directly from our website, using a secure, private portal maintained especially for you.
  • This service provides the convenience of 24/7 access to your important information— enter employee actual hours or print reports whenever it’s feasible for you.
  • We also provide web employee access, which permits your employees to see their check receipts and year-to-date payroll information at any time.

What We Provide-

Our Payroll Service Involves

  • Full Payroll Processing with TDS calculation.
  • Remote Payroll Processing.
  • Direct Deposit Facility.
  • Compliance with Employment Law Updates and Changes.
  • Payroll Tax Reporting as per Monthly and Quarterly period.
  • Annual Payroll Tax Reporting.
  • Digitally Access for Employers and Employees payroll data.
  • Multi-State Withholding and Compliance.


Lekhakar is a Certified accounting firm, dedicated to serving the people and businesses, established in 2022 by Saurabh Bansal & Ankit Khadria with the zeal to provide best consultancy and competencies. Our Firm incorporate the expertise of a leading regional firm with the convenience, friendliness, and passion of a local provider.

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