1.   Use and Responsible Conduct-


By accessing our website and accessing the information, assets, controls, products, and equipment we provide to you, directly or indirectly (called 'Parts'), you agree to use this software for its intended purpose. Any determined through (a) the terms of the approved employee contract, as well as (b) regular rules, regulations, and online or legal status.


You need to know the following:


a) To access software and services, you may be required to provide information (such as details, email, phone number, contact information, etc.). This information is required for any registration process or part of your ability to use the software. Customers must provide accurate and complete information.


b) You are accountable for managing a high level of data about the logs you use to access our system. You are also accountable for all functions in your community.

c) If the use of any of the services given by LEKHAKAR is not at all, it is restrained. You agree not to use (or seek to use) our robotic devices.

d) We are prohibited from engaging in any activity that would interfere with or damage our equipment, including the services and/or systems to which our equipment is located or connected.

e) Copying, duplicating, duplicating, donating, altering, or altering our property is strictly prohibited.

f) You are solely responsible for the impact, event, or damage that we may cause or suffer as a result of a particular situation or problem.

g) We may provide a number of professional development tools on our website, for example, online newsletters, blog posts, open tours, discussions, newsletters, section reports, case reviews, and analysis -research, management of various online discussions, and more. . You understand that we do not review or re-evaluate what customers submit on these particular tools, which means as soon as you use these applications you display any of the above material. Our website, it’s your job to use. these requests in thought and action. By distributing information or using any open source applications, you agree not to post, post, distribute, or distribute anything:

i) Prohibition, corruption, defamation ,harassment, intimidation, fraud, deception, domination, harassment in front, or something like that any sound, unimportant or inevitable;

ii) Damage to a trademark, patent, trademark, copyright, or any other exclusive right of the collection;

iii) Any disclosure is confidential or anonymous;

iv)Report people or content, including users or LEKHAKAR.

We are free to do whatever we want, we think our decisions are not in line with the Human Rights Agreement, and everything we think about is often threatening, illegal, threatening, unfounded, or a violation of human rights. The third party collect copyright or brand name. We are not responsible for delays or cancellations of these items. If you provide material for disposal, you agree to remove it and agree to remove the material from us.

h) We are not responsible for any material sent to you or to any customer collected on our website. On the other hand, everything you publish with any open-source tool on our site, where it avoids or weakens any other collector of text or logo, at LEKHAKAR and everything. Ideas, give us a robust, consistent, universal, mass view, output selection, reproduction, reproduction, display, distribution, display and/or printing free of charge for as long as we allow. Advertising speaks and uses only as shown, it does not depend on the available data. This is an important part of the investment process, essential for the primary purpose of using our assets. Our privacy policy keeps all information provided as part of our registration process.

i) You agree to sanction and protect the computer systems of LEKHAKAR and its affiliates, as well as employees, staff, managers, agents, experts, and consumers by disclaiming all damages, debts, bribery, and expenses, including reasonable legal costs, arising from a contract with such employee or from the performance of duties arising from the account or other income from the use of the account. We reserve the right to utilize the security in any case where we have the right to return it under these terms of use. In that case, give them all the help you can.

2.   Pricing Standard- LEKHAKAR has built a foundation for different services, and people can choose a profession that suits their business needs. Web page/email prices for this book are low. Prices may vary depending on the government agency, type of customer service offered. We reserve the right to change the price on our website at any time, but not subject to any agreement. This policy does not apply to the total amount the client pays for LEKHAKAR in the event of a government or private tax deduction. Buy a policy or send government documents until it is finished. We do not reimburse customers for any cost of providing their services. The prices on the page may not be accurate; so we guarantee the price through a bargain to make sure you get the most relevant information before concluding a deal.


3.   Specific timeline for accomplishment of work-

The length of time announced to complete this project is a project that should not be defined as an agreement by LEKHAKAR. It completely depends on many external factors such as government departments and other providers (e.g. CA, CS, payroll). LEKHAKAR will have limited jurisdiction in this case. There is no risk to the person as a result of accidents or injuries that may occur due to the use of the equipment, or as a result of progress, information corruption or damage, deletion, access, or termination if necessary. anti- employment law.


4.   Security-

Your privacy is very necessary to us, that is why we have created many privacy functions, the main motive of which is to explain how we collect, analyze, process, and store your personal details. These Terms of Use represent our safety. Take a closer look at our prevention technique.


 5.   Restriction of warranties-

By using our website, you agree that all the features we offer are "if possible" and "as may be possible". This means we haven't spoken to you or promised:

a) Use our program to solve your problem or need.

b) The use of our software is continuous, safe, secure, or error-free.

c) Data obtained through the use of our software must also be accurate or precise.

d) Any defect can be repaired by any of our service providers.


In addition, you understand and agree to this:


e) Any content that is downloaded or acquired through the use of our software and threatens independently, you are responsible for any damage to the content, your computer, or other devices due to any loss of information.

f) No representation whether displayed, approved, incorporated, or collected, is obtained from our site or any of our products, licenses, or conditions of any kind, except as described.


 6.   Hindrance of liability- As per the above information, you acknowledge and agree that the action taken against us will depend on the amount or amounts you pay to complete the goods and/or order. LEKHAKAR does not warrant to the owner any violations, accidents, incidents, causes, or injuries that may result from the use or practice of our products. At the discretion of criminal law, information or damage, damage, loss of access, or suspension of work where possible.

7.   Trademark/Copyright- All content on the LEKHAKAR site, including, without limitation, the content, design, site name, code, images, and logos, are also trademarks. Innovation Consulting License for LEKHAKAR. Any misuse, including the creation, ownership, distribution, or distribution of anything contained on this "Website" is strictly prohibited unless properly corrected unless supported by LEKHAKAR.

8.   Final use- You can admire that we may, in our sole discretion, suspend or terminate access to our website and tools, or any part thereof, with no notice and for any cause, accept without termination. Any suspected illegal, fraudulent or dangerous act may end your relationship and may impair your ability to obey the law. . If there is a cancellation or termination, your right to use the provided program will immediately terminate and we reserve the right to remove or delete the information contained in the document, including the sequence or display such details.


9.   Supervise law- This website is controlled by our firm LEKHAKAR in Delhi, India. This is found in many countries around the world. As in Delhi, India, by visiting our website, you can apply the laws of Delhi, India, although the Commonwealth Act does not cover everything from the use of the website to publishing it in writing or being advertised on this site.

In addition, a grant or a state court based in Delhi, India, may support the struggle to enforce this Workers ’Agreement. So let each court decide its own case and decide whether to do so.


10.      Refund and cancellation- The cancellation of the application is invalid after payment. No discounts will be offered unless you cancel or non operated by LEKHAKAR.

11.  Make sure- Unless otherwise stated, LEKHAKAR disclaims all terms and conditions                whatsoever, express or implied. Manufacture and incorporate non-infringement warranties and terms of sale that apply for a specific purpose, but are not limited to.

12.    Contact details- If you have any questions or comments regarding the terms of service      as described above, you can contact us at: LEKHAKAR - G-02, A-44, Sector 2,Noida-             201304,India.

13.      Bank transfer- The client will make a payment to these bank accounts of the company-


At LEKHAKAR, We specialize in providing a full spectrum of Accounts Outsourcing Services, combining expertise, technology, and a client-centric approach to deliver unparalleled financial solutions with expertise of Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Advocates and Financial Advisors. Our commitment is to empower your organization with accurate, timely, and insightful financial information, allowing you to make informed decisions and drive sustainable growth.